Illustrated and Designed by Rob Davis and now available at Amazon!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Volume 4

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Volume 4 [Paperback]

I A Watson (Author), Aaron Smith (Author), Bradley H Sinor (Author), W R Thinnes (Author), Andrew Salmon (Author)

Book Description

Publication Date: January 19, 2013
The time and place, Victorian England on the cusp of a new century where the marvels of science will spur the Industrial Revolution to new heights of cultural wonder. And yet amidst this societal upheaval, the dark elements of human kind continue to worm their way through the streets of London and its surrounding countryside. Murder and mayhem remain and thus the work of Sherlock Holmes continues; his powers of deductive reasoning the crucial bulwark to stem this tide of villainy. Here are five new adventures of Holmes and Dr.Watson written in the traditional style of his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Writers I.A. Watson, Aaron Smith, Bradley H. Sinor, Bill Thinnes and Andrew Salmon deliver a quintet of truly memorable cases to challenge the famous crime fighting duo. From the murder of a man who collects clockwork automatons to the theft of a valued Japanese sword, our heroes are once again called into action confronting a diverse set of mysteries guaranteed to entice the world’s greatest Consulting Detective. Sporting a cover by Chad Hardin with interior illustrations and design by Rob Davis, the fourth volume in this bestselling series also features a fascinating essay, “The Mystery of Mr. Holmes,” by I.A. Watson. Here is grand adventure as Sherlock Homes fans around the world have come to expect from Airship 27 Productions.
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Latest From Airship 27- THREE AGAINST THE STARS

New from Airship 27 Productions and the Design studio of Rob Davis:

Three Against the Stars Authored by Joe Bonadonna, Illustrated by Pedro Cruz, Cover design or artwork by Laura Givens

On the distant alien planet of Rhajnara a conspiracy created by the facist Khandra Regime is set into motion to overthrow the rightful Rhajni Republic and instigate a policy of ethnic-cleansing. The conspirators are cunning and it seems nothing in the universe can derail their mad apocalyptic scheme.

Nothing that is but three rambunctious Space Marines from the Third Regiment Company E of the United States Space Marines assigned to Rhajnara with the Terran Expeditionary Force. Sergeants Fernado Cortez, Seamus O’Hara and Claudia Akira are the most unlikely trio ever to don jarhead camouflage and become military heroes. To their superiors they are wild, reckless and incessant troublemakers always in the thick of things. Yet their courage, loyalty and devotion to duty prove them to be the toughest Devil Dogs in the Corp.

Now, with the aid of a Medical Corpsman named Makki Doon, a young Felisian native proto-feline humanoid, these three futuristic musketeers are about to become the one factor capable of exposing the traitorous Khandra coup. But to do so they will have to put their lives on the line one more time and risk all to save the day facing off against incredible odds. To save an empire they will truly become…THREE AGAINST THE STARS.

Joe Bonadonna delivers a fast paced, action packed space opera fans of Edmond Hamilton and E.E. “Doc” Smith will not soon forget.

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Now Available at Barnes & Noble: BOSTON BOMBERS


Winner of the 2011 Pulp Ark Award for best Pulp related comic.
The Boston Bombers are a group of high-flying agents working for the League of Nations, led by the fearless adventurer Indra Devine. The group includes ace pilot Violet “Rocky” Felicity and engineer/mechanic Copper Feladh. When one of Devine’s oldest friends, scientist Gena Wilhem, becomes a pawn in a game of political intrigue between the League and Rome, South Africa, it’s up to The Boston Bombers to unravel the mystery and save the day. The Boston Bombers is pulp writer Ron Fortier’s most imaginative and original adventure to date. It is a magnificent stew of pulp, science fiction and socio-political speculation like nothing you’ve ever read before. Long out of print, it is collected here for the very first time. Start the props, buckle up and get ready to soar into action. It’s time for… BOMBS AWAY!!

Imagine an Earth where battles are fought in the air by dirigibles; Where Jesus was a female and the Jews accepted her as the Messiah; Where the Roman Empire has survived into modern times; Where the second World War never happened and the Leagues of Nations grew into a world power. This is the world of The Boston Bombers!

Written by Ron Fortier Pencils by Chris Jones & Bob Cram Jr.
Letters & inks (and much more!) by Gary Kato Collected version edited and produced by Rob Davis

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Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780982341773
Publisher: Wild Wolf Entertainment
Publication date: 10/1/2012
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 7.00 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.38 (d)


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Sinbad Sets Sail!

The latest from Airship 27 and the design studio of Rob Davis:


The greatest seafaring adventurer of all times returns to the high seas, Sinbad the Sailor!

Born of countless legends and myths, this fearless rogue sets sail across the seven seas aboard his ship, the Blue Nymph, accompanied by an international crew of colorful, larger-than-life characters. Chief among these are the irascible Omar, a veteran seamen and trusted first mate, the blond Viking giant, Ralf Gunarson, the sophisticated archer from Gaul, Henri Delacrois and the mysterious, lovely and deadly female samurai, Tishimi Osara.  All of them banded together to follow their famous captain on perilous new voyages across the world’s oceans.

Writers Nancy Hansen, I.A. Watson and Derrick Ferguson offer up three classic Sinbad tales to rival those of legend while adding a familiar sensibility from the cult favorite Sinbad movies of FX master, Ray Harryhausen.  SINBAD – The New Voyages will enthrall and entertain all lovers of fantasy adventure in a brand new way; featuring cover art by Bryan Fowler and twelve black and white illustrations by Ralf van der Hoeven.  So pack up your you traveling bags, bid ado to your loved ones and get ready to sail with the tide as Sinbad El Ari takes the tiller and the Blue Nymph sets sails once more; its destination worlds of wonder, mystery and high adventure.

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Black Bat is Back!

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of BLACK BAT MYSTERY, Vol Two. This is the second in their anthology series featuring all brand new adventures of one of pulpdom’s most loved heroes, the Black Bat!

Crusading Attorney Anthony Quinn believed his career was over when a criminal threw acid into his face blinding him. Months later, desperate to regain his sight, Quinn underwent a unique transplant operation which gave him the eyes of a slain lawman. Not only did the procedure work, but it also gave Quinn the ability to see in the dark.  Using this fantastic gift, he created the Black Bat, a justice seeking vigilante able to battle those villains beyond the reach of the law. Aided by his team of loyal crime-fighters, Carol Baldwin, Silk Kerby and Butch O’Leary, the Black Bat is once again on the prowl, his target, the depraved and evil denizens of his beloved city.

“This new collection of stories are so much fun,” stated Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “We knew after the success of Volume One, we needed to really find other unique and original stories that our readers would appreciate.”  New pulp writers, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds, Jim Beard and Frank Byrns offer up a deadly quartet of fast pace action thrills.  There are traditional pulp themed plots that pit the Black Bat against super human Nazis monsters and mysterious aircrafts terrorizing a small town.  But at the same time there is Frank Byrn’s yarn about corrupt politicians involved with Major League Baseball.  “The idea of using a 1930s baseball background for a Black Bat adventure was extremely exciting for us,” Fortier continued.  “And then there’s Reynolds story that has him teaming up with another classic pulp legend, Jim Anthony the Super Detective.  Now who doesn’t love a good pulp team-up?”

The book features a stunning cover by Ingrid Hardy and Rob Davis based on Byrn’s story and has gorgeous interior illustrations by Andres Labrada.  BLACK BAT MYSTERY Vol. Two is another great pulp collection from the high flying Airship 27 Productions you won’t want to miss.

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – PULP FICTION FOR A NEW GENERATION! Available At Create Space  ( At regular Amazon a week later.

Airship 27 Hangar as $3 Digital Download ( And in two weeks at ( as a POD.

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Front and back cover to BLACK BAT MYSTERY Vol. 2

Captain Action-Riddle of the Glowing Men now available!


Front and back cover to Captain Action=Riddle of the Glowing Men

Airship 27 Productions, one of the premier publishers in the New Pulp movement, and Captain Action Enterprises, licensors of the popular Captain Action toy line, have joined forces to produce the first ever Captain Action pulp novel, “Riddle of the Glowing Men,” by Jim Beard.  The book debuts this Aug. at Pulp Fest in Columbus, Ohio.


“We are tremendously excited to be working with Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises,” said Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “This is the first time we’ve ever put together a title based on a highly popular and successful license.”


Captain Action is based on the action figure created in 1966 by Stan Weston for Ideal Toys. He came equipped with a wardrobe of costumes allowing him to become many different heroes such as Batman, The Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet and many more. In 1967, Captain Action proved so popular that the line was expanded to include a sidekick, Action Boy and a blue skinned alien foe with bug eyes, the nefarious Dr. Evil.  The following year, DC Comics licensed the character from Ideal and published five issues of Captain Action featuring industry luminaries such as Jim Shooter, Wally Wood and Gil Kane.

Since 2005, Captain Action Enterprises, has been producing an array of exciting new collectibles, including statues, toys, comics, trading cards, and apparel.  Still, the one remaining venue the enduring hero had yet to conquer was that of a prose novel.  Enter veteran writer Jim Beard, a life-long fan of the character.  “Jim approached us late last year with this idea for a Captain Action pulp novel,” recalls Catto. “We were immediately intrigued by the possibilities and began seriously exploring the idea.”

It was Beard who then brought Ahearn and Catto to Airship 27 Productions.  “At the time I’d just finished my first book for Airship 27,” Beard elaborates.  “Impressed with their industry leading quality and professionalism, I knew they were the right people to usher Captain Action into the fast-paced world of pulpdom.”

The challenge of doing a licensed property appealed to Fortier and his partner and Art Director, Rob Davis and they signed on.  Their first goal was to assemble the finest art team possible. This was achieved by recruiting the talented cover painter, Nick Runge.  Runge’s work on such IDW titles as Angel & Terminator –Salvation has spotlighted him as being one of the finest new artists in the graphic field today.  Davis himself took on the task of doing the nine interior illustrations while also designing the entire package.

Riddle of the Glowing Men,” is set in the sixties where secret agent, Miles Drake, aka, Captain Action, is attacked at A.C.T.I.O.N. headquarters by several assassins whose green skin glows as if radiated.  In the process of learning the identity of these killers and the reason behind their attack, Captain Action teams with a beautiful female Russian agent and their quest leads them to a hidden civilization under the frozen wasteland of Siberia. “Jim Beard has written a terrific, authentic Captain Action adventure,” applauds Fortier. “It perfectly captures the break-neck speed and thrills of the early pulps only with today’s modern sensibilities. This book is sure to appeal to both Captain Action fans and new pulp enthusiasts alike.”

Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto will be hosting a Captain Action panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con with further details about other exciting plans for the classic hero.  Artist Nick Runge will also be present at his table in Artist Alley.  Fortier, Davis and Beard will be in attendance at Pulp Fest and will announce the book’s actual publication date.

About Captain Action Enterprises

Captain Action!

As Retropreneurs, Captain Action Enterprises, LLC specializes in taking old properties and rejuvenating them for a new generation. Captain Action now appears in an on-going comic book series, lithographs, statues, action figures, T-shirts, model kits and an iPhone app. Additional properties include Lady Action, the Zeroids and Savage Beauty. For additional information, contact


About Airship 27 Productions

Begun in 2004 to produce new novels and anthologies featuring classic, public domain pulp heroes of the 30s and 40s, Airship 27 Productions was one of the major factors behind the pulp renaissance which evolved into the New Pulp Movement.  Today they have over fifty titles in their ever expanding catalog, sell both hard copy and digital versions of their books and will soon be launching audio books of their titles. They can be found at

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CCI: Captain Action Expands, Gets Animated

The Captain Action panel at ComiCon International 2012 revealed new products including an Arctic Explorer action figure.

The Captain Action panel teased the comeback of a classic hero as Ed Catto hosted a panel dedicated to all the new developments for the Captain Action figure at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Thursday.

The pulp hero, around since 1966, recently revived for a new generation. Following a successful re-launch of collectable figures earlier this year, Captain Action has been thrust back into the spotlight.

Read the whole post at:

New from Airship 27

Hard to believe  so much time has passed since my last post here. Time flies. Okay, some business to attend to:

As designer and Art Director at Airship 27 it’s my job to put our creators’ work into printable form and also get them up and available at our PDF store (and eventually into Kindle and ePub formats– but that’s a way off yet). In the weeks since we last visited I’ve done that with two books. Since that’s what’s happening with me in the studio these days I figured I’d alert you to the output (links to purchase are included in the entry, or either book may be purchased in PDF form for $3 at:

First up:


Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker

Authored by Jim Beard


Situated in the rural back country of Edwardian England is an old, mysterious house whose unique owner earns his living as a Spirit-Breaker, a hunter of ghosts. A former military veteran, Sgt.Roman Janus has devoted his life to aid those haunted, both emotionally and physically by obsessive wraiths whose spirits are still anchored to our world.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present Sgt.Janus – Spirit Breaker by Jim Beard. Part detective, part occultist, Janus is himself a man of mystery whose own past is shrouded and the motivations behind his calling kept hidden. Within this volume you will find eight tales as narrated by his clients, each with his or her own perspective on this uncanny hero and his amazing career. Filled with suspense, terror and agonizing pathos, each a solid mesmerizing journey into the unknown world beyond.

Featuring a cover by artist Jeff Herndon and eight stunning illustrations by Eric Johns, Sgt.Janus – Spirit Breaker is the first in a new series by one of today’s leading stars in New Pulp Fiction.

“…Beard’s fiction is anything but pat and routine. While he may deliberately conjure the spirits of authors of Victorian and Edwardian occult fiction before him, Beard’s prose is fresh and entirely modern in his, at times, frank and unsettling tales of the wages of his characters’ past sins. Each story breezes by and like the best tales told round the campfire, it leaves the reader hungry for more.” William Patrick Maynard (The Terror of Fu Manchu & The Destiny of Fu Manchu.)

Airship 27 Productions – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Publication Date:May 16 2012

ISBN/EAN13: 0615645607 / 9780615645605

Available for order online at:



tales from the Hanging Monkey

Authored by Bill Craig, Joshua Reynolds, Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson


In the middle of the South Seas is the island of Motugra, so named by the natives. It has the only deep water port in this island chain. On Motugra you’ll find THE HANGING MONKEY, an inn and bar owned and operated by Irish ex-patriot Corky O’Brien. Here gather some of the most colorful rogues, scalawags and pirates ever to ply the trade routes of the Pacific during the late 1930s.

Enter and meet Khuna, the bar’s bouncer and former headhunter. Miko, the slim and beautiful Chinese girl with the mysterious past. One eyed Captain Nick Fortune, owner of the schooner Fortune’s Folly and air freight pilot, Jimmy Dolan. And don’t forget ace reporter, the lovely blond Grace Thomas. All of these characters spring from the mind of writer Bill Craig as homage to the classic pulp island stories of yesterday.

Along for the ride, Craig is joined by Derrick Ferguson, Joshua Reynolds and Tommy Hancock. Here are four fast paced, island adventures guaranteed to whisk your imagination to tropical paradises of warm breezes, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters. Where danger can lurk behind the smile of an alluring native girl and a man’s fists are as important as his wits. So hitch up your gunbelt, cock your pilot’s cap and swing the door’s open…Welcome to The Hanging Monkey!


may be purchased at:

Publication Date: Jun 03 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 0615653006 / 9780615653006
And more is coming from the studio in the next weeks. Stay tuned for the eventual revelation of Airship 27′s special licensed book! I’m working on that one off and on in anticipation of an announcement at this year’s PULPFEST in Columbus, Ohio in August. Stay tuned!
More as it develops…

Time for More…

Welcome back.

Now that things have calmed down a bit after two back to back weekends of conventioneering I can relax a bit and ruminate.

I’ve been playing catch-up the last two weeks since Windy City Pulp and Paper show. I have a comics project in the works (All-Star Pulp Comics) that I’ll be showing some samples from soon (check out the next post- hopefully in a week), as well as design work on the next couple of Airship 27 books. As is our policy at the Airship I can’t/won’t post anything on those until they’re ready for public consumption. There are exceptions to that, as there are some books our reader/fans already know are or will be coming. such an example is SHERLOCK HOLMES • CONSULTING DETECTIVE and I have a nice preliminary sketch of the cover to share here (proudly! This sketch rocks!). See below.

Also available for me to share is the cover to the upcoming Green Lama Anthology Airship 27 is releasing later this year. Check out that dynamic cover below!

I’m also including an embedded link for an interview Pulp Pal Van Allen Plexico did with me at Windy City. It’s up on YouTube along with interviews Van did with some other attendees at the show. That “secret project” I mention in the interview will be announced at PulpFest in Columbus, Ohio this Summer. Stay tuned!

Windy City was a blast, as usual, but it always takes me some time to get my head back into “normal” life and even the studio mindset. I think we’re almost there, now, but it’s taken a while to get back up to speed. I have a goal to design and publish two books a month, on average, this year with Airship 27. So far we’re on track, or actually a little ahead, given that one month we pumped out more than two books! The “secret project” may slow that down a bit. That project isn’t due on bookshelves until September, but it’s looking like it will be ready long before that. However, its production will be more involved than our other books, so it may take up more of my time (I’m illustrating this one, and I have to toe a line for our license contact- tho’ I expect few problems). For this month (May, 2012) two books are out at the proof-readers as I type. If those come in on schedule we’ll have two books out before the 31st or right after. Fingers crossed. There are plenty of books in the pipeline to keep this schedule, so we’ll see.

I hope to see you in a week with more information.

Green Lama Anthology Cover

Sherlock Holmes Vol 3

Book interior ad touting the upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES • CONSULTING detective with the preliminary sketch of the cover.











More as it develops…

Convention Season has begun…

One week after the Windy City Pulp & Paper show I’m now recovered enough to do a little reporting on it and the previous weekend’s PulpArk convention. Of the two I’d have to say that the Windy City show was a much more successful endeavor.

Two years in PulpArk has grown, but visitors and sales were pretty sparse. As Airship 27 Productions’ representative at the show I am going to have to reassess our involvement in next years’ show. While it’s a great chance to visit with all our pulp comrades, it costs us to drive to and pay for the hotel rooms. Without a better promise of sales at this show we’ll have to bow out next year.

That said there was a happy occurance at the show for Airship 27. The PulpArk Awards gave Airship 27/Redbud Studio’s ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1 the award for Best Pulp oriented comic! (see photos below…)

Windy City, at 12 years, is a much more mature show. Airship 27′s attendance at future shows is assured by brisk and record-breaking (for us) sales at the show. This was Ron Fortier’s and my 7th trip to this show and as always it was a treat to see our Chicago pals and fans. For the third time The Pulp Factory presented its awards at this show and once again Airship 27 garnered a few:

Best Novel
Charles Saunders for

Best Short Story
Ron Fortier for
“Vengeance is Mine”

Best Cover Illustration
Michael Kaluta for
Challenger Storm-Isle of Blood

Best Interior Illustration
Michael Kaluta for
Challenger Storm-Isle of Blood

Congratulations to all the winners!

And now a few photos from the two shows:

Ron's Pulp Factory Award for his story "Vengeance is Mine."

The Steampunk display table next to Airship 27 at PulpArk 2012

A sculptress doing masks at the PulpArk 2012 show- Amazing!

Airship 27's table at Windy City 2012

Windy City

Joe Bonadonna and Chris Bell at Windy City

Joe Bonadonna and Chris Bell at Windy City 2012



The Pulptress at PulpArk 2012

Ron regaling a fan at Windy City 2012

David White perusing a purchase at his table at Windy City 2012