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I know I haven’t been seen hereabouts for a few weeks. Life and studio projects have kept me pretty busy. My “real job” with the City of Columbia, Missouri has demanded more attention lately (more on that in a bit) and I have been diligently working away at a record number of book projects for Airship 27 in hopes of having a good number of NEW books on the table to sell at PulpArk and Windy City Pulp and Paper Show this Spring (click the links for more info’ on these great shows!). I’ll be announcing the publication of those books here when the time comes– hopefully only days away.

Public Works Logo for the City of Columbia, MO

Now, for the bit about the City of Columbia I mentioned previously– A few months back I was tapped to give some input into a new customer service program the Columbia City Manager, Mike Mathhes, had begun. At those meetings I and a host of other workers in the city gave scenarios to the creators of the training program so that the new program would be specific to Columbia and it’s unique situation not just a generic system. Apparently during those sessions I, and 19 of my city co-workers, made a deep impression on the creators of the program. They and I were nominated to be trainers of the program to be rolled out in the next 12 months in the city. This would mean an intense 3 day training and co-facilitating classes with another trainer during the roll-out.  Meeting and working with the other 19 folks gave me a great sense of pride and honor to be among such a dedicated and energetic crew!

Just this last week I co-led my first training session with the phenomenal Roxanne Combs from the Human Resources department. Immodestly, we rocked the house. :) I hope Roxanne and I get to work together again, as we really complemented each other’s strengths. This is a great program that I and all my co-facilitators hope will raise awareness of customer service in Columbia City services. I’m truly honored and excited.

I seldom mention my “day job” here for a number of reasons. One: It’s not usually all that much of an impact on my main focus for this blog- my freelance art work. Two: It’s usually a delicate balance to be sure I don’t say anything about work there that, while true, might negatively impact my job there. But this particular aspect of my job may impact my freelance work, so I wanted to make sure any and all who follow my art career to know about this and how proud I am to be a part of it.

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That said, my partner in Airship 27, Ron Fortier, and I have an ambitious year planned for our little publishing empire, so stay tuned. Check back here when you can to see what that means… ;)

More as it develops…

*** Rob Davis ***

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  1. Bravo to you and your colleagues, Rob, I know how seriously you take your job and your commitment to improving the transportation system for the people of Columbia. Again, you and your colleagues involved with this program deserve a huge round of applause. Your work improves the quality of life for all of your citizens.